Saturday, 31 March 2012

Trad is Rad!

Craigy on Castrol R (I think!)
With being so hectic over the last few months it was nice to have a day to get out and do a bit of trad climbing.  The venue for today was Pigeon.  Even though I have done all the routes there multiple times it is nice to get some mileage in at the start of the trad season.

Kahlua's first day out cragging!

Craigy ( and myself managed 5 route - Phantoms (E1), GTX (E1), Castrol R (HVS), Citroen (HVS) and Yellow Brick Road (E1).  Meet two visiting climbers from America, other than that the crag was quite!  Did see the lesser spotted 
About to ab off Phantoms, note climbing behind on Yellow Brick Road
Jonny Parr out for a wee dander!

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